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The only interesting thing that happened today was that the dishwasher was installed. I didn’t take a picture, though. Sorry again.

The main thing on my mind tonight is how tired I am. I didn’t think spending my Spring Break painting would wear me out like it has, but MY GOODNESS…. I am one tired girl. Meanwhile, I have observations and TCAP to prepare for. I just finished some end of the year paperwork about my first year teaching. I can’t believe it’s almost over….so weird. There have been lots of ups and downs, but I have enjoyed it so much. Tonight in the Financial Peace University class that Brett and I are facilitating, we talked about enjoying your work. I know I’ll never make a lot of money, but I think I’ll forever love my job. It is such a blessing to love what you do. I am thankful for the opportunity to do what I love while influencing little ones. I smile and laugh a ton every day. Try talking to 7 year olds about solids, liquids, and gases. It’s all giggles….expecially once someone introduces the “potty” forms of matter.  What a funny group of kiddos. Children truly are a blessing from the Lord.

Speaking of Dave Ramsey’s FPU, anyone know of any great furniture places with decently priced furniture? I want a nice sectional for the living room.

Well, that’s enough for tonight. I’m off to bed. Goodnight!


Guess what?!?!?


Well, the floor is done. The guys need to lay the transition strips, but they floors are down! Also, Maria painted the foyer. It looks wonderful, too! Yes, it was actually only $75. If any of you out there need a painter, Brett has her number. Great paint job and super cheap!

We were able to get some accomplished tonight as well. I painted the first coat in the sunroom. I’ll have a picture of it for you once it’s all done and dry. I think the color is quite nice. Brett doesn’t think it looks like Christmas now that it’s on the wall. I’ve been telling him to just trust me. One of these days he’ll learn that I know best. 😉  While I did that, Brett did a little cleaning and then began working in the garage. After finishing that first coat, I began unpacking some of the boxes for the kitchen.

Furniture: I’ve got to purchase seating for the living room. At this time, we don’t have any to even take with us since Stephanie, the woman moving in, has purchased our current furniture from us.

We did find out today from a plumber that one of the tubs upstairs has a crack in it, so it isn’t usable. Oh the joys of surprises!

The plan is to move this weekend. We have some friends that are willing to help on Friday, so it should go pretty smoothly! 🙂 I’m hoping to be sleeping in the new house by Saturday night. Brett doesn’t know if it’s quite possible, but I think it can happen.

I forgot the camera again today, so all I have are a couple camera phone pics that Brett sent me today.

7: Day of Completeness? Not in this story.


The floor guys did some work today. You might remember that they were supposedly going to be finished by noon today. Well, they didn’t arrive until close to 10:00. When I got there around5, they were already gone….and the floors weren’t finished yet. If they show up tomorrow (they didn’t inform us that they weren’t actually going to finish today OR that they would be returning tomorrow) they should be able to finish up. There isn’t a lot left to be done. However, Maria is supposed to be showing up in the morning to paint the super high ceilings in the foyer… which is EXACTLY where they still need to lay flooring. That should be interesting.

We had a special delivery today!! Our new fridge, double oven, and microwave arrived! 🙂 The microwave and double oven still need to be unwrapped and installed. I prefer to cook with gas, so we purchased a gas range. The connection, however, is electric. This wasn’t a surprise and we already have someone lined up to come take care of that for me! 🙂 You can find a picture of the fridge below, though! I think the stainless steel looks BEAUTIFUL with the aqua walls!

Brett helped Blake, his younger brother, move some stuff to Jackson from Henderson tonight, so he was unable to work at the house tonight. I arrived at the house around 5:00 and stayed until 8:00ish. What did I do? Well, I have the final coat of trim done in the sunroom. I hope that it will be done sometime tomorrow night or Wednesday night, so we can get some stuff moved in. I also took pictures of yesterday’s work with the actual camera since the camera phone ones look a little crappy.

On a completely different note: Some of you already know, but some of you may not. Our church is participating in Lent this year. I know, it seems a little strange, but it’s been pretty eye opening to several people. I gave up TV. I’m really missing it tonight. It’s really just now hitting me. I can hear Betheny Ever After and I Shouldn’t Be Alive in the background and I SO BADLY want to go watch….

Anyhow, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.



Day 6 has come and gone. Brett let the guys working on the floor in around 8:30 this morning. By the time we got there this afternoon, they had finished the living room and were heading out for the day. They said they’ll be back tomorrow morning to finish up. They said they’ll be done by noon, but I don’t see that being quite possible. The foyer, dining room, and office have yet to be floored. Oh well! If we were still laying it ourselves it most likely wouldn’t be finished for a couple weeks. The floors are beautiful! You can see a pic of them here. They are the Mocha Maple.

The office and master bathroom got their final coats today, so they are DONE! All that’s left downstairs is the sunroom and half bath. I may get around to the laundry room, too, but I’m not going to push it. The foyer still needs to be painted, but Brett called a lady he knows and she said she’ll paint all of it for $75. Maybe Brett misunderstood her….surely! Those ceilings are so freaking tall. I could hardly believe it when Brett said that was what she had said. WOW!

Brett and Matthew hung the “repurposed” chandelier in the office today. It looks fabulous! It makes the room look a little less like the “n word.” No babies will be sleeping mistakenly in that room. The fabric I’ve selected for curtains in there will definitely help, too. They also moved some more furniture over there. The former dining room table has now taken it’s place in the eat-in kitchen. Oh, and they finished my closet! 🙂

SUNROOM— and the verdict is…. retro avocado! 🙂 Stephanie and I started trimming out the room tonight. I think it will need two coats, so it may be a while before you see a finished picture of that room.

Speaking of Stephanie, she and Chris came to help us out tonight! Wonderful family!

Speaking of pictures, I forgot my camera today, so you’re about to be looking at some not-great-at-all camera phone pictures. I also forgot somehow to take a picture of the office. SORRY!

Gimme a FIVE…


I feel that today was pretty productive. The day began around 9:30 AM for Brett. He met the guys from Showcase Tile & Marble at the house to let them in so they could get to work on the floors. I got some boxes together and Matthew came to pick me up and load the table and chairs into the back of his truck. Matthew has been a huge blessing to us… not just right now, but all the time. He is going to make some girl very happy one day. Allison Pinckley also came to help load up some boxes and follow us to the house. Bailey and Meg came over to help out, too!! What fabulous friends/family we have!

Brett and Matthew spent the day getting little random things done that take up a lot of time. They put tons of faceplates/outlet covers/whatever you want to call them back on in the rooms where the paint had dried. They removed all of the brass handles and knobs and replaced them with the new brushed nickel ones! Thanks to Allison for picking out which handles would be best in the house! Brett spray painted a brass chandelier that I plan to repurpose in the office. More about the office in a bit…. They began installing my custom closet. The previous owners (I’m assuming) took the shelves and rods with them for some unknown reason. See pictures below for progress.

Meanwhile, the guys from Showcase Tile & Marble (who tiled our current/last bathroom) were busy laying floors. They finished the master bedroom today and it looks AWESOME!

I began the day working on the trim in the master bathroom while Allison trimmed out the bottom of the office walls. While that dried she cleaned out all my cabinets in the kitchen! 🙂 We decided to get a break at some point during the day and went shopping.

We looked at more paint colors for the sunroom since I’m not quite sold on any.  I really, really love the Retro Avocado color that you’ll see below. We came home with a pale yellow color. I do like it, but I’m not sure it’s bold enough. You see, the furniture I have intended to use in there is a wine red color. The issue with the green is that it may look a bit like Christmas in there. I think I can use other fabrics and patterns to avoid that, but Brett isn’t so sure. I also painted a slate color in there last night to see how it looks. Here are the three colors with the sofa in the background. What do you think?? I really want need the input here!

The one on the left is Flagstone. The one in the middle is Cornmeal. The one on the right is Retro Avocado.

Another option is to put the red furniture in the living room. Decisions, decisions, decisions…. I really do think I could make the green work! Seriously, though, what do you think? PLEASE leave a comment about it.

The Office: I don’t like it. It looks like a baby boy room, and I’m just not ready for anything to look like a nursery in my house. I refuse to repaint what I’ve already painted, though… at least until this summer. I intend to use a bold, not-so-soft and pale fabric for the curtains in the room. It WILL NOT look like a nursery. My mama is loving it right now, though. I told her it’s the closest she’ll see to a nursery in this house for a while. That was right before she left to go home and make more baby clothes. NOT KIDDING! Stephanie and Chris better get busy, I guess.

After I finished painting the trim in the bathroom, I went into the kitchen to do some unpacking. I don’t know if you noticed in any other pictures, but there’s a desk in the kitchen. I just don’t understand that. I’m not knocking any of you that have them, but they just aren’t my style. The original plan was to rip it out and throw it away when that wall was knocked out, but since Dave Ramsey changed the plan the desk stayed. Well, at least the frame stayed. I decided to remove the doors. I puttied them up with something called Plastic Wood. I let it dry, sanded it, and used one of those stain markers on it. I painted the walls behind the cabinet doors to match the kitchen walls the other day. In the current/last house, I was able to display my china behind glass cabinet doors. There was no such place in this house until recently. I decided to display it all in the top of the old desk along with wine and martini glasses. It makes for a fun little display area instead of a desk. I’d like to eventually tile the top and maybe put a wine cooler where a chair would typically go.

We actually left the house at a decent hour today: 6:30ish. NOT BAD. We ended up going to Hobby Lobby to look at fabric for curtains. Brett was so sweet to actually go and seemed to enjoy being there…even though I bet it was an act. I think he’s just impressed with the work I’ve been doing and wanted to let me feel appreciated. Sweet! He even offered different fabrics and asked my opinion. I told him people probably thought he was my gay designer. He didn’t seem to think that was very funny, but he still carried the fabric bolts for me! We got a few swatches to take to the house tomorrow to check against the paint colors and furniture. I’ll try to remember to take pictures tomorrow to post for you! Maybe my AMAZING mother will sew curtains for me (wink, wink)! 

Well, this has been a rather lengthy post. I told you it was a productive day, though. If you’re still reading, please do leave a suggestion for the sunroom color!


Day 4-The most exhausting day yet…


11:56 PM We got home about ten minutes ago. This has been such a long day. I feel that a lot has been accomplished, but there’s still so much to do.

I went over to the house this morning to begin working and it was FREEZING inside. Eventually my fingers were so numb that I couldn’t lay my hand out flat. It was AWFUL. I decided to try to install the thermostat. I switched off the breaker for the AC unit, briefly read over the instructions, and began wiring. I got it all hooked up and turned on the heat. However, I didn’t have any batteries present, so I was unable to set the temperature. It wasn’t cold air, but it definitely wasn’t what I needed either. Brett came a couple hours later, though, and brought me some batteries. I set the temperature and that beautiful warm air starting blowing right on out! I went ahead and programmed the thing, too. It has individual settings for each day (Sunday-Saturday) and four settings within each day (morning, day, evening, and night). I programmed all 28 temperatures.

After getting that whole mess over with and working in a much warmer house (soon to be home), I began painting again. I trimmed out the hallway, office, and foyer…the parts I could get to anyways.  I ended up finishing the hallway!

I began installing the new ceiling fan in the living room when Matthew showed up. It took a couple tries to get everything right, but I eventually got it working. I left to get a break from the house (and pick up some paint samples) while Matthew installed the blades on the fan.

I returned about an hour and a half later with pizza. I began painting in the office again. Brett, Matthew, Daddy, and Jeremiah were hard at work deciding where to begin on the floors. They placed some out and around, read up on some directions, and started laying some floors. They soon were reading instructions again, figuring out what removes adhesive, reading to see how long it takes the adhesive to dry, and were back laying floors again. They laid a couple rows in the living room and took their dinner break. After dinner, they got back to work for a few minutes before deciding that this job was too much for them. Brett called a guy he knows and he gave him a very reasonable price for laying the floors. We already have everything prepped and ready anyways. So Brad will be arriving sometime around midmorning to check the job out…. good thing I agreed to not knocking the wall out.

While the boys were figuring all of this out, I painted the top half of the office and began trimming the bottom portion. I couldn’t finish because I had to wait on some putty to dry before I could sand it and paint over it. I also spent time cleaning in the kitchen some and snapping pictures of the guys working.

Below are some pictures of today’s handiwork…

Day 3


Last night we were completely exhausted when we finally got home. Brett was out just about as soon as his head hit the pillow. The puppies were out too. Look at Brett and Bentley snuggling last night.

Brett had the day off, so I actually had company working in the house today! 🙂

What did we accomplish today? Well, we began the day at Home Depot. We just can’t get enough of that place it seems. We actually needed to just pick up a few things. I needed another gallon of paint for the kitchen and Brett wanted to go ahead and get some items for a future project. Our coupons expired today, so we wanted to get whatever we thought we still needed. (P.S. If you ever know you’re about to take on a major project, go to ebay and purchase coupons for Lowe’s/Home Depot. We’ve saved a ton of money already!)

Whenever we got to the house today, Brett decided to work on hanging the light fixture for the dining room. I had just told him earlier what a great light hanger he was. I’ve always been the one to do it, so I was so proud of him (and relieved that I didn’t have to do it again) for hanging the one in the eat-in kitchen yesterday. I just want to say that I don’t ever remember reading directions for hanging lights/fans/chandeliers, but Brett went completely by the instructions. They were not written well. AT. ALL. I think he had to redo the light 5 or 6 times before finally getting it right. Poor thing. If you know anything about Brett, you know he HATES it when things don’t go his way. I spent a large part of the day listening to him throw pliers down on the floors and groan yell out of frustration. Oh well! He did eventually get it done and it looks wonderful! Great job, honey!

I spent the day painting…of course. I’m not going to lie, though. I’d rather paint than do any of the other work that needs to be done. Brett despises painting so it works out well for us. I actually find it kind of relaxing. There’s plenty of time to think/sing as I work. My favorite part, I think, is painting the straight lines against the trim. It takes FOREVER, but I find it strangely relaxing. You have to use the right brush though. This is the brush I’ve been using. It’s wonderful! I don’t use any tape or a putty knife. Just my trusty little brush.

I finished painting the bedroom, living room, and kitchen today. See pictures below for today’s work.

Brett ended the day by pulling the rest of the carpet tacks out of the floor with Matthew. I ended the day well with dinner at Don Pancho with some of my favorite girls! They went to the house afterwards and I think they really liked it. I enjoy getting compliments and advice from girls that I respect. Maybe I’m doing something right! 🙂